Monday, February 5, 2007

Frozen Lake

You say I am a frozen lake, like its a bad thing.
Perhaps I am…..
On the surface I am strong and sturdy
While there remains an undercurrent
An unseen force, ebbing and flowing.
Change taking place slowly, away from prying eyes
Life stirs hidden,
below an impenetrable icy crust.

My veneer would be so thick that I could not feel
Numbed to the sensations of an outer universe
Paralysed to respond

If you think I am like a frozen lake.
Then help me thaw.
Be there when the cracks appear.
And my hardened shell liquefies
Encourage the light to dance and play upon my glistening surface
Tell others to peer into the depths of my soul
They might even see themselves in my reflection
I do realise I might appear unstable.
It matters not.
I am alive.

© Strauss
5th February 2007


jeanie said...

Darn it - I did leave a comment before.

I read this 4 or 5 times, getting more from it each time.

Truly beautiful and chilling!

strauss said...

Thanks Jeanie! I really appreciate your words.