Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The giant silver bird yawns.
I, and hundreds of others,
Transported in its gullet;
A belly full of dreams.

Expectant eyes wide
To new surroundings.
All six senses sensing,
The foreign.

I have been here but a day,
Drifting like Eve on the first morn
And yet,
It could have been six months.

Falls cool, grey reproach;
Yellow foliage
Crunching under foot,
Have Disappeared.

Replaced instead,
By endless breezy blue;
A canopy of frilly, cherry blush;
And petal strewn pathways.

The birds that flew north for winter
Now present themselves right here.
The journey having transformed them though.
Is this where they all go?

All in a single afternoon.

© Strauss


Norma said...

This is lovely--I feel transported with you.

Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.

Clockworkchris said...

I'm glad I looked around and found this page. This is beautiful. I love "All six senses sensing." I am going to link you to my site, hope you don't mind.

strauss said...

Thanks. I appreciate the feedback on this new poem.
I would be honoured to be linked to your site, I have linked you to my main site also - The Brave.
This is my "working" poetry site Ha Ha.

writerwoman said...

I enjoyed the sense of movement in this poem. Lovely!