Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Red Walk

Spike-heeled stilettos
roam the streets in wait.
Red Light District,
in the dark corners of the night.

Shiny leather boots
march defiantly as one.
The world's Red Armies
Unite the Communist front.

Winter pale toes
stomp the season's first fruit.
A silky red wine
born from luscious juice.

Bare Indigenous feet
dance The Brolga with precision.
Dry red dirt
swirling with the movement.

Dorothy's famed shoes
click at the heels.
Ruby Red slippers
Just want to go home.

Swollen ankles - mine,
throb from standing.
Red woollen socks
With a hole in the toe.

© Strauss
6th March 2007


Liza Lee Miller said...

Very nice! Lots of red images!

Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon your sight through another blog.

Looks very cool--I'll stop by again soon.


Norma said...

Lovely images of red. I finally did a load of red laundry today--saved it up--don't wear it much.