Sunday, January 7, 2007


Through smattered salt sprayed window panes
a curtain cautiously flutters
A distant murmur entwines a tender breeze
-stormy undertones blend nautical mutter

Threatening cumulus bloom with haste
Ferocity builds with tempest’s intent
A distant mist drenches heavy horizons
Expressing God and Angels lament

From a plateau of bordering coastal crust
having endured eons of nature’s lashings
Bearing witness to this distant mistral
Though absent from its transmuting passions

Marine bound rain replenishing
The weary soul of the salty sea
Gently sweeping as do wings of a wasp
Or sprouting forth like bloody mutiny

I dwell the crown of this shy plateau,
Where below, earth and water collide
I observe the tempest billowing westward
-An untamed odyssey; it loathes to subside.

© Strauss

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