Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One Deep Breath - Nurture

taut red orbs
warm in my hands
ripe tomatoes


I watch her skating
Solo for the first time
Tears of pride mix
With tears of vague regret
That well from a future place

15th May 2007

This weeks theme, at One Deep Breath, was Nurture.


Tammy said...

Strauss, you did an amazing job here. "Taut red orbs" and the emotion in your Tanka was really a pleasure to read.

written voize said...

You had my mouth craving for some tomatoes. Great tanka, enjoyed the read.

Colorful Prose said...

Both are beautiful.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the ripe tomatoes in your haiku and the emotion in your tanka - excellent!

Becca said...

"taut red orbs" is a wonderful line!

And your second haiku brought a lump to my throat...beautiful!

Patois said...

So perfectly described and enticing, your first. Your tanka? So easy for me to relate. I love your tanka's last line.

Mandy said...

nice ones
i do think you need to drop the capitalized letters at the beginning of lines.